Tucking it Out!

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A common word in a barre-goers vocabulary is “tuck”. You will hear barre instructors all around the world telling participants to “tuck”. But what is this so-called “tuck”?

The tuck is essentially a pelvic tilt. It is a very small motion where you would keep a nice strong core while bringing your hips slightly forward, as though your hips are curling under you. Tucking can be effective in improving the effectiveness of an exercise, including working the abs or thighs more.

The tuck is also very beneficial for posture. Many in our society struggle, whether they know it or not, with an excessively arched back. This takes the spine out of neutral alignment. A slight pelvic tilt can help an individual to improve their neutral alignment, thus improving posture!

Don’t worry if it does not make sense right away! Learning how to do the tuck can be challenging at first but once you get you will learn how to take your barre class to the next level. Happy tucking!

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