CrossFitters Belong at the Barre: 6 Reasons for CrossFitters to Try Barre


CrossFit has a reputation for being hardcore. Heavy weights, intense gymnastics skills, and heart pounding cardio make up a weekly CrossFit program.

Walk into a barre class you will see light weight, isometric movements, and be working muscles in the most unexpected ways. It does not share many similarities with CrossFit beyond both offering a unique and challenging workout experience. However, the differences between CrossFit and Barre might be one of the reasons CrossFitters might want to go to the barre every so often.

After a few days of box jumps, jumping off of pull up bars, and deadlifting more than their own body weight, a CrossFitter might need a day outside of the box (what CrossFitters call their gym). What might not be realized, is even a hardcore CrossFitter can benefits from mixing barre into their routine.

Here are the top 6 reasons barre could be beneficial to a CrossFitter:

  1. Barre will give CrossFitters a workout while being gentle on their joints. Even fire-breathing CrossFitters need days where they step away from the hardcore plyometrics and weightlifting. On days that a CrossFitter still wants a workout but needs to step away from their programming, barre offers a challenge that is gentler on the body.
  2. Barre will help CrossFitters work on their mobility. A handful of CrossFitters struggle with mobility, including but not limited to hip and shoulder mobility. Similar to the range of motion gains from Pilates and yoga programs, barre will also help CrossFitters gain newfound flexibility which in turn will help them have an improved squat and overhead position.
  3. Barre improves posture. For success in lifts and any exercise that might occur in CrossFit, an emphasis is placed on neutral spine. A big part of neutral spine is having strong posture. Going to barre class will help participants with their posture and thus have the potential to improve safety and efficacy in lifts.
  4. Barre will improve core strength. Similar top posture, every exercise in CrossFit requires midline stability. A strong core will again help a a CrossFitter stay safe and improve skillwork.
  5. Barre improves balance. Working on balance in barre will once again translate over to improved abilities in CrossFit.
  6. CrossFitters “enjoy” finding comfort in the discomfort. CrossFitters are good at pushing their body to challenge themselves with varied WODs (workouts of the day) and therefore would have no problem using their body in a new way and facing the new challenges of tiny isometric movements.
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