Ditch the Shoes at the Barre!

Photo Credit: Lisa Risager

You need to use your feet a lot while at barre class. Because of that you cannot be bothered with pesky shoes! They will just get in the way of your workout. Most studios and gyms will suggest participants go barefoot or more commonly, wear socks.

Many people wear regular socks when they are just starting out, but once you get to be a barre enthusiast, you are going to want to done your barre socks, or grip socks. Socks that are made special for barre class have little rubber nubs sticking out of the bottom that help barre-goers turn their feet every which way and hold positions without the chance of sliding around. Being able to grip the floor better and avoid sliding will help create a better workout for your as you can get deeper into positions and hold them longer.

There are a lot of grip socks out on the market, and it is very easy to be fashionable and functional with the grip socks of your dreams. We want to know what grip socks are your favorite and why?

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