What is This “Barre”?

Barre Workouts For Beginners

In the past, Barre was a tool most frequently associated with ballet dancers. Prima ballerinas would spend hours at the Barre training in order to perfect technique, balance, and precision. In fact, it might have been a word that only dancers were familiar with. Today, that is no longer the case.

Barre fitness is becoming increasingly more popular and studios and gyms are adding more classes to bring Barre fitness classes to the masses. So what is this “Barre” class all about?

Barre classes use inspiration from ballet, Pilates, yoga, and functional training to bring a challenging, but low impact workout that anyone can enjoy. The workout is easy on the joints while still offering both strength and cardio training. With that said, no dance background is required. Barre classes are fun and accessible to anyone.

What to Expect in Class

 While every Barre class is unique, most of the studios and gyms offering classes share a few notable similarities.

First, Barre is based on isometric movements. These movements are tiny motions that while small, are extremely effective and will help you to build strength.

Second, Barre fitness tends to follow similar class structure. Most classes will begin with a dynamic warm-up that gets the class participants moving and ready for more difficult exercises to come. Some classes will utilize the Barre right away, but some will start with work in the center floor.

From there classes often focus on different body parts exclusively before moving to another body part. For example, a class will focus on the upper body (arms and chest), then move on to glutes and thighs, and many classes will end with core work. Each muscle group is worked to fatigue to help strengthen and push the body to get stronger. Because of this shaking is normal and expected while in class.

Some programs for Barre do offer a more traditional ballet vibe for those who prefer to live out their dream of being a prima ballerina. So whichever style of Barre fitness class you prefer, it is out there!

Who is Barre For?

Barre is for men and women of all ages and sizes. It is an accessible workout for those who might be new to the fitness scene, and challenging enough for even the most serious exerciser. It is a great way to compliment other fitness programs and many find benefits of incorporating in their fitness routine. While the most popular population drawn to these workouts is women, men are more than welcome in class and are welcomed to attend class as well. Barre is for everyone!

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